A scientific Seminar Focused on Catalyst Was Successfully Held in Munich by GCCCD Munich Branch

Catalytic study plays a crucial role in petrochemical research. The improvement and revolution for petrochemistry require new technologies on catalyst or even new catalytic materials. In order to promote research discussion among catalytic researchers, GCCCD Munich branch organized a scientific seminar on 24th June 2018. This is the first scientific seminar focused on catalyst held by GCCCD.

The seminar organized five invited talks. In the beginning of the seminar, Ms. Ruixue Zhao from the Technical University of Munich delivered a welcome speech. Then, Dr. Yue Liu, Mr. Xiaoqiao Zhang and Dr. Weijin Li introduced their recent researches on catalytic study. After a short coffee break, Dr. Xiaojun Liu and Dr. Ling Xu shared their own career experience in Germany.

All the participants enjoyed the discussion during the seminar and more scientific seminars like this would be held afterwards to promote the communication between catalytic students and researchers.

Munich 20180624

Group photo

By Ruixue Zhao

25thJune 2018