“GCCCD Donau Forum” and The Second Seminar of “GCCCD New Energy and New Materials” Was Successfully Held in Ulm

On 12-13th May, over 50 participants from all over Germany have joined the “GCCCD Donau Forum” and The Second Seminar of “GCCCD New Energy and New Materials Board”. Around 30 audiences are Bachelor, Master, or PhD students from German universities.

On the first day of the forum, our joint committee has invited several senior managers, senior engineers, as well as the experts in academic or marketing who are working in German or Chinese industries such as Evonik, Daimler, Clariant, W&L Coating Systems, BAIC Capital. They have brought us very interesting talks and made great influence within the audience.

At the beginning of the forum, Dr. Yutong Zhu from Evonik has introduced his own career experience in the German industry giant Evonik. In the following, Dr. Changhui Li from W&L Coating Systems GmbH, Ms. Qi Xu from Daimler and Dr. Ling Xu from Clariant delivered the speeches concerning job seeking, cultural difference, working experience etc. respectively. After all the talks, Mr. Yuanchun Ji from GCCCD Ulm branch had summarized the forum and organized the free discussion between the audience and the speakers. In the evening, the speakers and several audiences enjoyed the Italian Pizza under the great Ulm church, which is considered to be the tallest Gothic church in the world.

2018ulm 6

Group photo GCCCD Donau Forum

On the second day of the forum, the experts from State Grid Geiri Europe, Optima Technology GmbH, Chinese Academy of Science, Fraunhofer ISE, Helmholtz-Institute Ulm, as well as Daimler electronic vehicle department have been invited to deliver the talks concerning strategic development, technology advances, project implementation etc.

At first, Dr. Wenjin Ding from DLR (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt) delivered a welcome speech and introduced the recent development of GCCCD. Next, Dr. Geng Qiao and Dr. Qikai Zhuang from State Grid Geiri Europe have talked about the strategic development in Europe of Chinese State Grid.

After a lunch break, Dr. Wenjin Ding from DLR, Dr. Xu Tian from Optima Technology GmbH, Dr. Rongji Liu from Chinese Academy of Science (Humboldt fellowship) delivered speeches about their own research experience in energy storage, fuel cell as well as electro catalysis. In the following, Mr. Jiahui Lu from Fraunhofer ISE, Mr. Yuan Ma, and Mr. Xinwei Dou from Helmholtz-Institute Ulm have talked about their recent researches in solar cell system, Lithium ion batteries and Sodium ion batteries. The last talk was given by Dr. Lei Shi from Daimler Electronic Vehicle Department.

After all the invited talks, the speakers and the audiences had a free discussion. All the talks have attracted great interests from our audiences, and provided potential cooperation within different institutes. The experts from both academic and industrial fields have given the forum very good evaluation.

2018ulm 17

Group photo 2nd Seminar of GCCCD New Energy and New Materials


By Yuanchun Ji

25th Mai 2018