The Association of Chinese Chemists and Chemical Engineers in Germany (German name: Gesellschaft Chinesischer Chemiker und Chemieingenieure in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland e.V., abbreviated as GCCCD in the following) was founded on July 24, 1988 in Bonn and registered on November 22, 1988 at the Karlsruhe District Court. GCCCD is a non-profit professional organization, mainly comprising Chinese students, scientists and professionals in Germany with a background of chemistry, chemical engineering or other related fields. GCCCD has up to now ca. four hundred registered members, who are active in academia and/or industry in Germany, China, and other countries. 80% of the members have obtained a doctoral degree or are currently in their study to obtain one. The major goal of GCCCD is to enhance the networking connections of its members, meanwhile promote academic or industrial cooperation between China and Germany.

In March 1989 and January 2015, GCCCD joined the Chinese Chemical Society (CCS) and the Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China (CISC), respectively, as an oversea branch thereof. Further, GCCCD is also the founding and board member of the Federation of Chinese Professional Associations in Europe (FCPAE). GCCCD has organized dozens of large-scale conferences/seminars, and supported its members for participating in various events and visiting chemical companies. In particular, the GCCCD annual conference is a highlight among all the important events, which provides a unique opportunity for the members and guests to discuss their latest scientific achievements in the fields of chemistry, chemical engineering and so on. Since its founding in 1988, GCCCD has so far successfully organized twenty-nine annual conferences in Germany. Besides that, the subgroups of our association have held nearly a hundred of symposiums, workshops and university seminars. Further, GCCCD organizes every year a “Chunhui” group comprising experts and scholars to visit China for a short-term academic exchange. Also, GCCCD organizes its members to visit renowned chemical industries in Germany, in order to enhance the connections between our association and the chemical industries. Our long-term sponsors and cooperation partners include chemical enterprises such as Clariant, Evonik, Covestro, BASF and Wacker Chemie headquartered in Germany, and Chambroad Petrochemical, INOV, Sinopec based in China, as well as Chinese universities such as the East China University of Science and Technology, Zhejiang University of Technology. In 2015, the “Award for Excellent Supervisors of Chinese PhD Students” was launched, with a sponsorship from Dr. Dahai Yu, to acknowledge professors for their outstanding work in training or supervising Chinese chemists and chemical engineers in studies or research in Germany. Starting from 2017, this award is granted jointly by GCCCD and the German Chemical Society (GDCh).


  • Strengthening and promoting the contact, academic exchange or cooperation of our members studying and working in Germany in the fields of chemistry and chemical engineering;
  • Establishing and strengthening the contact between our association and Chinese and German chemical industries, research institutes, professional societies; providing an overview for our members and other students on the status and trends of chemistry and chemical engineering in China and Germany;
  • Promoting scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation between China and Germany in the fields of chemistry and chemical engineering;
  • Organizing seminars in respect of chemistry and chemical engineering.


  • Organizing annual conferences and member meetings;
  • Organizing seminars with various topics of chemistry and chemical engineering;
  • Enhancing the connections between academia and industry, for example by visiting chemical companies and talent/project fairs;
  • Publishing chemistry and chemical engineering communications of GCCCD (German name: GCCCD Nachrichten aus Chemie und Chemieingnieurwesen, ISSN 1436-9656);
  • Building a professional platform for providing information in respect of chemistry and chemical engineering in China and Germany;
  • Strengthening the relationship between the Chinese/German government and GCCCD;
  • Enhancing the networking between the professors of China and Germany; Granting of “Award for Excellent Supervisors of Chinese PhD Students”;
  • Promoting further exchanges between GCCCD and the universities/enterprises in China.