Association of Chinese Chemists and Chemical Engineers in Germany (GCCCD) holds a scientific seminar in Göttingen

In the history of science, new theories, new inventions, and new technologies often appear on the intersection of disciplines. These intersections of disciplines often create new research hotspots, which in turn promote the resolution of important complex scientific issues.

In order to promote research cooperation in different disciplines, GCCCD Göttingen branch organized a scientific seminar on May 6, 2018: “Frontiers of Materials Science - Biology, Physical, Chemistry intersections”.

The seminar organized six invited talks and a poster section, which attract 30 PhD students and postdoctoral researchers to attend. Most of them came from the research institutes of Göttingen, such as University of Göttingen, University Medical Center Göttingen, MPI for Biophysical Chemistry and MPI for Dynamics and Self-Organization.

In the beginning of the seminar, Prof. Zhang Kai from the University of Göttingen delivered a welcome speech and warmly introduced the recent developments of GCCCD. He also gave a brief introduction of the Faculty of Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology in the University of Göttingen.

Next, Dr. Lin Tian, Dr. Jianguo Zhao and Dr. Yuanbin Zhao introduced their recent progress in Materials Science, Polymer physics and Gene editing. After a short coffee break and the poster section, Dr. Chonglin Guan, Dr. Pan Fang and Mr. Yawen Yao shared their latest research in the biophysics, proteomics and functional materials with natural polymers.

After the seminar, all the participants enjoyed barbecues together. This seminar promoted the mutual understanding of the Chinese scientists in the Göttingen area and provided potential cooperation on the intersection of different disciplines.

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By Heqin Huang

May 9, 2018