GCCCD® Seminar and 1st Aasee Forum was successfully hold in Münster

GCCCD® Münster branch is a young and dynamic chapter of GCCCD in the area of Münsterland, Dortmund, Bielefeld and Paderborn in Germany. To activate and strengthen the networking and communication between members as young scientists, GCCCD® Münster held a seminar called “1st Aasee Forum” with a topic of “Münster, where organic chemistry meets electrochemistry” on 14th July 2018. Four researchers from Münster and Oldenburg were invited to report the research progress in the field of organic chemistry (fluoroalkylation, functionalization by radical migration), Tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (TERS) and battery technologies.

There are lots of challenges and opportunities when doing the career planning for Chinese young researchers who are working overseas, especially for PhD-students and Postdocs. Hence, another three speakers were invited to join the Q&A section mainly about Chinese Recruitment Program for Young Professionals, features of German labor and employment law and the introduction to Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker (GDCh) and JungChemikerForum (JCF).

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By Mengyi Zhang

6 August 2018