Special Collection opportunities for 34th GCCCD® Annual Conference attendees


Dear participant,

We would like to remind you of the opportunity to submit your manuscript to the Special Issues associated with the 34th GCCCD® Annual Conference. For additional details, please visit


Notably, we would like to recall that submissions are open for the following journals:

Small, Advanced Sensor Research, Analysis & Sensing, Chemistry: A European Journal, Chemical Engineering & Technology


AS        CAEJ

  CET                   ASR


When submitting your papers to one of these journals, kindly choose the appropriate section/category during the submission process (designated as "34th GCCCD Annual Conference: Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Sensing the World"). Additionally, please include a brief note in the cover letter indicating that the paper is a submission prompted by the invitation from our guest editors. Prior to submission, please reach out to one of our six guest editors for further coordination and assistance with the process for this special issue. Submission deadline: 31.08.2024. 

Thanks for your contribution to the 34th GCCCD® Annual Conference.


Dr. Chenchen Wang
(TU Dresden)


Dr. Qing Gong



Dr. Guoxing Chen
(Fraunhofer IWKS)



Dr. Shirong Huang
(TU Dresden)


Dr. Minshen Zhu
(TU Chemnitz)


Dr. Wenjing Ding